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24 months warranty
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Function & Technology

Our watch winders feature whisper-quiet motors as well as simple operation and are suitable for all popular watch brands.
Watch winder technology
The perfect twist

Elegant movement

To ensure that an automatic watch continues to run smoothly even when it is not being worn, it makes sense to use a watch winder. Paul Design watch winders not only keep your favourite pieces in motion with special care and precision, they are also a real eye-catcher themselves. The watch mounted in the Paul Design watch winder is rotated around the rotor axis with gentle movements. This mechanism makes sure that your favourite watches run smoothly and retain their accuracy. This ensures that the value of your prized possessions is maintained.
When it comes to your special jewellery and collector's items, it is of course very important to us to provide you with a comprehensive service and professional advice. An essential part of our full service is the test run of each watch winder in our laboratory, which is a standard procedure before dispatch. This is how we ensure long-term satisfaction.

For all watches

Paul Design watch winders can be set to rotate clockwise, anticlockwise or alternately.
In dieser Liste erfahren Sie die notwendigen Einstellungen aller gu00e4ngigen Uhrenmarken >>
modes of operation
Right/left or alternating rotation.
Watch winder detail
Watch winder for 12 watches
Man with premium watchAutomatic watch
Technology & Operation

Whisper-quiet motors

The motors used in our watch winders are quite impressive due to their low-noise movement. This means that they can even be placed in the bedroom. Thanks to our many years of experience in developing watch winders, they are also very durable.
Last but not least, our customers enjoy the simple operation. Depending on the watch winder model, the desired number of revolutions and the direction of rotation can be easily set via touch screen or remote control. Of course, a brief instruction manual is included with each unit.
High-quality & Stylish

We set ourselves the highest standards

Watch Winder detail
Restrained elegance and exceptional style.
Watch winder hinge
We inspect every piece by hand.
Watch winder technology
We are constantly improving our technology.
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